Web destroys student research papers

Using the Web as a metaphor, Cummins says that it us up to the student to become either the spider or the fly. They can use the internet in the research paper if it is authentic.

They do not write their original ideas from reading the book they become very lesy and fraud. Opposing view Richard Cummins in his letter to the editor suggests that Rothenberg overemphasizes the influence of World Wide Web and falls to the common misleading notion of blaming the medium instead of the ways it is used.

You toss a query to the machine, wait a few minutes, and suddenly a lot of possible sources of information appear on your screen. Their research was not qualified because it was not their original idea and they had not cited the sources.

We are dong ten-minute free-writing at the start of each class and counting the number of words.

But errors are as prevalent as ever, no matter how crisp the typeface. You throw your query to the wind, and who knows what will come back to you?

They were not authentic but they were just plagiarism. The only problem is that a paper consisting of summaries of summaries is bound to be fragmented and superficial, and to demonstrate more of a random montage than an ability to sustain an argument through 10 to 15 double-spaced pages.

I could have hundreds of pages of original thought to read and evaluate. He says that the students should cite the sources and make their writing more authentic. Because internet does not explains it. In the beginning, the research papers were very qualified but later, they became less qualified the students do copy everything from the internet.

This Web destroys student research papers was posted in Uncategorized by rcorio. The research paper becomes less qualified because of their imitation from the internet.

You may getsupposed references to whatever you want to know. Did I ask worse questions? One student submitted a research paper last semester in which all of his sources were articles published between September and December ; that was probably the time span of the Web page on which he found them.

What had happened since last fall? Were my students unusually lazy? Some of this information comes from other, bigger libraries, in the form of books that can take time to obtain through interlibrary loan.

In this way, we will see what would be a reasonable goal for total words to be written in this semester-long course. Therefore the writer says that internet is bad for the students.

My class had fallen victim to the latest easy way of writing a paper: He says that World Wide Web provides an opportunity for students to reflect on topics that are relevant to their academic success including the nature of critical thinking, information against knowledge, plagiarism and locating evaluating and documenting library and web sources.

He also says that there are many books without authentic writing like the internet. Which is very illegal, this type is called plagiarism. Originality becomes hard to separate from plagiarism if no author is cited on a Web page. I take much of the blame for the decline in the quality of student research in my classes.

As soon as I began this assignment I realized that words was too many. Screen after screen shows you where you can find out more, how you can connect to this place or that.

It also become less qualified because they do not use good explanation in their research they can not cite the sources.

Rothenberg’s Criticisms of Using the Web for Research

Sorry class, for this mistake. It is easy to get hundreds of thousands of hits, but not so easy to find the gems in that haystack. The computer screen, the gateway to the world sitting right on their desks, promises instant access -- but actually offers only a pale, two-dimensional version of a real library.

On of them Richard Cummins says that internet is not bad for the students. One of my goals in this class is to help students improve their writing fluency, thus the emphasis on number of words written.

How the Web destroys student research papers

Search engines, with their half-baked algorithms, are closer to slot machines than to library catalogues.Jun 23,  · The writer is against the effect of World Wide Web (WWW) because he hays that it destroys the quality of students’ research paper.

He is a professor of philosophy and he gives many research works to his students every semester. Summary of How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers 底亚峰, In the essay “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers”, David Rothenberg proposes an opinion that the web destroys students’ research papers to some degree.

First, the author uses a real story of himself to present his idea. Jul 12,  · While writing research papers using the World Wide Web, students have: declined the quality of writing, critical thinking and originality of thoughts, -used outdated sources that consist of articles and Web links but not in depth commentaries found in books.

Rothenberg’s Criticisms of Using the Web for Research Posted on September 9, by rcorio In How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers, David Rothenberg laments the use of the Web as a tool for doing research and asserts that it has lowered the quality of their research papers.

How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research Papers Point of View by David Rothenberg Sometimes I look forward to the end-of- semester rush, when students’ final papers come streaming into my office and mailbox.

Mar 22,  · How The Web Destroys The Quality Of Students' Research Paper How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students Research Papers In the article How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students Research Papers, David Rothenberg argues.

Web destroys student research papers
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