Two career versus single career families essay

Because strangers, in the form of babysitters and daycares, are dealing with the upbringing of these particular youths, the children feel considerably less comfortable intermingling, and rightfully so. This proves to be harmful to the values of the children affected, in that an increased income almost automatically indicates the presence of the acquisition of material items rather than what is really needed, true learning by means of parental instruction.

Differences are exhibited in the areas of leisure time, disposable income, and the health and well-being of the child. These differences are important in that they convey meaning as to how the household is run and what kind of person the child turns out to be. As one can see, there are striking dissimilarities in various areas between the two- and one-career family structures.

The advantages and disadvantages, respectively, are clearly evident throughout the world in every household one comes across. In opposition to the positive aspects of the one-career family when it comes to the topic of physical condition, the two-occupation family has many injurious effects on its younger elements.

Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family

As a result of increased leisure time for everyone in the dwelling during the day, more time is allotted for comparison shopping. As one comes of age, the importance of an enjoyable existence becomes increasingly apparent.

Two-Career Families versus One-Career Families

Children from a one-career family with a stay-at-home parent, which stereotypically and normally is the mother or another female, have amazingly beneficial effects on the development of the child into an adult. Along with the emergence of two-career families comes a reduction in the amount of available time for learning, with increasing pressure to learn in the most effective manner possible.

On top of this likeliness, another benefit of the single-occupation family can be found in the area of heightened financial and aesthetic consciousness. On top of providing for child care, be it during the summer or during the school year, the presence of a highly disposable income paves the way for actions such as purchasing items the family either may not need or cannot really afford.

In most cases, this general sense of comprehension is greater in those of descent from a single-occupation family. This resulting obliviousness also leads to concrete fees and dues that pile up upon those already present: The two-career household, as aforementioned, is detrimentally growing in frequency even as we speak.

Yet another advantage of the single-laborer lifestyle is the health interests of the child. They begin to lead a boring life, especially when contrasted with that of offspring whom are descended from a family consisting of only one parent working outside the domestic setting.

There is a dearth of greasy fast foods due to amplified time for courses. Since more necessary tasks can be performed around the household over the course of the day, this leaves additional time to be devoted to quality interaction with the other inhabitant. While the women cared for the household, raised the children and handled day-to-day errands, the men were in charge of procuring employment and sourcing economic opportunities.

He may occasionally assist with family affairs but his involvement was centered primarily on his career with family time as a secondary responsibility. As a result, the trend toward workplace learning affects many more people than was the case only 30 years ago.

This concept will also most likely lead the child who was appropriately attended to at a young age returning the favor to their own kids down the road in their own case of child-rearing.

Two-Career Families versus One-Career Families To the dismay of many worldwide, the disadvantageous two-career family is rapidly increasing in popularity throughout society.

Not all households, unfortunately, can be like this due to a variety of factors not under their control.

This situation is ironic, because a major impetus for the new attention is that highly qualified males increasingly are accompanying the excellent women that we currently are hiring. There are no easy solutions to these problems, but we must at least begin by recognizing them and making them part of our thinking and planning.

As one comes of age, it utilizes prior knowledge, obtained through its parents during childhood, to succeed. People are also better educated than ever before, and their education has resulted in better outcomes in the workplace. Although this way of life, contrary to the two-job family, does bring in more money overall, it also leads to the desire for superficial possessions.

This method of living includes each parent holding a substantial, lucrative occupation. Due to the fact that just one member of the family works outside the home, less income is flowing in for use. This is an easily perceptible money-saver for the family, making the money made by only one parent seem greater because there is more left over after sensible decisions via additional discounts discovered by housekeepers that individuals holding jobs outside the house may not have been aware of.

The one-career family, in contrast, prompts less dissatisfaction from youngsters. The youth, in turn, lives a more diversified life, which is an excellent trait for its future. The consequential home-cooking diminishes the amount of processed food consumed, leading to a longer, happier life and the encouragement of eating properly, which one would hope would be passed down from generation to generation.

Both dependents are out of the house for a good part of the day, promoting the need for child care and the likely estrangement of a mother or father from their offspring. This way of life distinguishes itself from its adversary in many ways. Sixty-five percent of all U. While this processed food may taste good, little does the little boy or girl know what kind of impact it will have on them in the long run.Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family My paper will focus on the differences and the similarities between the two career families and one career families, and will give ideas regarding which of the two is better in the development of the individual career.

Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "Comparison-contrast essay/ Two-career family versus one-career family" with a personal 20% discount. Two-career families are now the norm in America, and are increasingly the norm throughout the world. As a result, the trend toward workplace learning affects many more people than was the case only 30 years ago.

Depending on the career of the breadwinner, single career families typically make less money on average than families with two working parents. Utilities and food costs could run a bit higher because more people are in the. Two Career Family VS. One Career Family Due to economic reasons and adults looking for gratification in their lives we are seeing more and more two career families now instead of the traditional one career family that many of our Grandparents and generations before them grew up with.

Two-career families generally have a higher total household income than a one-career family, mainly due to the number of people earning for the household.

This results in a greater capacity for two-career families to afford extra perks in life, such as computers, extra vehicle, grand vacations, etc.

Two career versus single career families essay
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