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Cornell University Press, Submit the paper details, upload files, and provide contact information — you are almost done! The Kummer collection is now housed in the Moravian Museum at Bethlehem and consists of materials related to the entire family, including music, fancy needle work, and a portion of their library.

The largest remaining communities of the Brethren were located in Leszno German: A Narrative of the Mission of the United Brethren among the Delaware and Mohegan Indians from the year of its commencement in the year Moravians papers research the close of the year In the communal system was abandoned for a more family oriented settlement.

Kummer, Caroline Louisa, and Sarah Agnes also taught there. As a copyist he was able to preserve numerous European works for use in America during his day and now; many of these are not known to exist elsewhere in the world. Moravian Music in the Context of Moravian Spirituality From the very beginning of the settlement at Herrnhut, music played an important part in the spiritual life of the renewed Moravian Church.

Time Publishing Company, Unity Province implies a total level of independence, Mission Province implies a partial level of supervision from a Unity Province, and Mission Area implies full supervision by a Unity Province.

They were able to survive and thrive in a back woods location, as well as maintain a high standard of moral behavior by associating closely with those of the same spiritual convictions.

The purpose of these communities was to assist the members resident there in the sanctification of their lives, to provide a meeting place for Christians from different confessional backgrounds, to provide Christian training for their own children and the children of their friends and supporters and to provide support for the Moravian Mission work throughout the world.

Pennsylvania State University Press, A History of Moravian Missions.

Call for Papers: Bethlehem Conference on Moravian History & Music

Translated and edited by George W. The Westminster Press, Eventually, the Moravian missions in Australia and Greenland were transferred to the local Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches respectively.

At the age of ten, following tutoring at home, he attended a boarding school in Halle conducted by August Hermann Francke. Peter and his time. It seems reasonable that the oratorio could have been performed on other occasions for which no record exists. One of these is the university in the Moravian capital of Olomouc.

Lissa in Polandwhich had historically strong ties with the Czechs, and small, isolated groups in Moravia. It uses older and traditional music in worship.

Our Dear Mother the Spirit: Although supporters defended their work, at the end ofthe colonial government based at Poughkeepsie expelled the Moravians from New York.

Zinzendorf, Nikolaus Ludwig von (1700-1760)

Printed for James Hutton, His purpose, however, remained firm: After considering these works in the context in which they were written, it becomes possible to suggest an alternate reading:In International Bulletin of Missionary Research, 21 no. 4 (October ) “Zinzendorf at Esopus: The Apocalyptical Missiology of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf–A Debut to America.”.

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Remote Ordering of Memoirs and Genealogical Research; Family History Docent Program; Research. Searching our Collections; Records of the Moravians in North Carolina include translated excerpts from various documents, including the diaries kept by pastors of the various Moravian congregations in Wachovia.

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The Moravians continue their long tradition of missionary work, for example in the Caribbean, where the Jamaican Moravian Church has begun work in Cuba and in Africa where the Moravian Church in Tanzania has missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

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