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Lions led by donkeys essay help will argue using a variety of sources to show either they are reliable or unreliable. Soldiers were heroic in sacrificing their lives but generals should also be commended for their confidence and determination in the quest to winning the Great War.

It suggests that soldiers fighting in the World War were brave and courageous as he refers to them as lions. Some may think it was due to both Generals and Soldiers working together effectively.

He was known as an efficient officer who looked after his men. He was born in Edinburgh in Everyone has different opinions and I believe Lions were not led by donkeys, I think the key to success in WW1 was down to the teamwork and joint effort from both the soldiers and the generals, if one of them were lazy, they failed.

He served in the Sudan where he was found to be very courageous. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Haig achieved that fatal blow towards the end of the war. Nevertheless the public were quick to criticise when really no one knew how to fight a war like it as it was a new experience in warfare and so no one could offer alternatives in that moment of time.

Some also would criticise those in authority saying their companions were murdered through the stupidity of those in charge. Did Haig deserve his reputation as a callous general?

I believe that this source is very reliable because it speaks about all the truth that the generals had done but unreliable for the reason that there maybe biased towards the generals side.

They were never safe and would have to live in the fear of being gassed or shelled. He recognised that victories would not be achieved easily. Smith who both fought on the Western front, the source shows the two soldiers personal opinions about the general Haig that was commanding at the Western front.

It does not help being doubted by people around you particularly politicians. In the First World War, more men died than in any other war before. Attacks did become less costly with better training and technology being introduced and eventually the war was won.

Generals handled the situation as best as they could and worked with what they knew and trusted which eventually bore the fruits of their labour.

Lions Led by Donkeys

I believe this source is reliable to a certain point because both men were probably under command by General Haig at some point during war.

He was aware that attacks were costly but believed there was no way of avoiding losses in life which was true.

Many assume he deserves his bad reputation but there is also evidence to explain his tactics and other generals like him. I think it was written to try to make people feel sorry for him, and make people dislike General Haig because his friends were killed.

An overall men were killed for cowardice by the firing squad, for example: Before the Battle of the Somme, the generals provided the soldiers with plenty of encouragement and assured their troops that the shells would destroy the enemy before the men went into battle.

Tactics used by generals were repetitive and outdated. Finally source c2 shows the official figures, issued in just after the war.

Most of my mates were dead in the first ten yards. There was an artillery bombardment for a whole week before Haig gave the order to go over the top. I will examine who the real lions and donkeys were by evaluating a number of sources. Defence alone cannot win a war so Haig attacked whenever possible.

O Pollard had already won the battle at Victoria Cross and it was just a matter of time before the Western front battle finished. Generals would plan attack after attack which sometimes were successful but costly.

I will now look at sources that suggest generals were donkeys. Machine guns themselves can destroy, but a horse cannot, if a horse is injured, you cannot go on. They did not experience the full impact of warfare but watched and commanded from afar.

This source is reliable because it was written by a war hero which had a positive attitude towards the soldiers at the western front.

Lions led by donkeys Essay

This tells us that generals were wise because of the planning they did for such a successful result.Sep 06,  · I regret taking GCSE history and I'm really struggling with the courses that I'm taking.

I'm in year 11 so not long left to go of it but I need some help with this. Just wondering if anyone's done this before and if so what do you think?Status: Resolved. At times the statement ‘Lions led by donkeys’ is proved right but this is talking about some Generals, mainly Haig because he was so popular and not all Generals, so we can’t really make a judgement from a few cases.

The question “were the British soldiers ‘Lions led by Donkeys?'” has been an ongoing debate since the end of the war. A war which is dominated by images of bloody battles such as the Somme and Passchendaele – futile frontal attacks against the machine guns. World War One comes under much criticism when it comes to the politics at home and the way in which the war was led.

This essay will look at how the British government (known as the "donkeys" in the interpretation) led British soldiers (known as the "lions" in the interpretation) through the four-year battle with Germany. History-Lions Led by Donkeys; History-Lions Led by Donkeys Essay Sample. Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

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Lions led by donkeys essay help
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