Is facbook making us lonely analysis

No one ever realizes that too much of a good thing could be bad such as Facebook has led to having no sense of time and even not being aware of time passing.

Facebook Making Us Lonely?

This is what is causing people to be depressed and very unhappy with their life. She also was known for being found dead in what he described as in a mummified state, lying next to her heater, but her heater was not the only thing near her that was still running.

Being lonely is not always a bad thing but never having that face to face contact, or even decrease in confidence is a horrible way to spend your life. Everyone experiences loneliness after a certain amount of time with or without social networking; it just comes naturally with life. After searching her phone records, it was proven that even months before her death there were no phone calls to family or relatives, but shockingly only to distant fans that had only knew her from fan conventions or some internet sites that she was registered to.

The social network is supposed to be used for people to be connected to each other, but it relies on them to use it like it is supposed to be used and use it to improve themselves instead of becoming lonely.

We are doing it to ourselves. Facebook mostly appeals to human needs and mostly users that like interactions with playing online games, it makes people lose their reality of the real world and focusing on the fantasy world on Facebook and especially focusing mostly with facing life problems and issues online, rather than living life outside of the internet.

She was a former playboy playmate and a b-list movie star. Instead of relying on talking to friends or hanging out with them to catch up, people rely on Facebook and are constantly checking and it and are also on it.

Even with all of the connectivity these are supposed to bring us, research shows that we have never been lonelier. Is lonely a bad thing? We need that physical contact with other human beings, it may not be Facebook as the direct link to us being lonely or unhappy but it definitely only helps us isolate ourselves from everyone.

Marche used this story bring up the question if Social media such as Facebook and Twitter could be the cause of lonely. He even admitted himself to going to the self-checkout, only to avoid wait time and because it is more efficient.

According to a study, 35 percent of adults older than 45 are chronically lonely, as opposed to 20 percent of a similar group only a decade earlier. We will write a custom essay sample on Facebook Making Us Lonely?The essay Stephen Marche wrote “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” is talking about with the technology what the society looks like now, and social media like Facebook and twitter have made us more densely network than ever.

Paragraph: In Stephen Marche’s article, Facebook is a reason people are. The data, he argues, shows that Facebook was making them unhappy.

Research into the alienating nature of the Internet—and Facebook in particular—supports Kross’s conclusion. InRobert Kraut, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, found that the more people used the Web, the lonelier and more depressed they felt.

With more than million users and $ billion in revenue in the year alone, Facebook is on the forefront of this “lonely interactivity.” At its continued rate of growth, Facebook is fast becoming the largest internet IPO in history. Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? Social media—from Facebook to Twitter—have made us more densely networked than ever.

Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier (or more narcissistic)—and that this loneliness is making us mentally and physically ill.

In this article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

” the author, Stephen Marche starts off with an intention grabbing story that made headlines about a lady named Yvette Vickers. She was a former playboy playmate and a b-list movie star.

Summary of “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephen Marche

Sep 10,  · One of the last key things Marche discusses is whether or not the internet makes us lonely, or if lonely people are attracted to the internet.

When it all comes down to it, internet and Facebook are “merely [tools],” (p.g. 7) and we choose how to use them.

Is facbook making us lonely analysis
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