Information security case study

The laptop contained sensitive employee and student data. Since this is a significant investment of tax dollars, the school board would like a system put into place for theft protection. There is no mention of this software to the students or parents. Read the full case study PDF Exponential-e Exponential-e is a leading London based cloud and networking company, providing innovative technology services.

Only two district employees have the capability to activate this system. Finally, he Information security case study to help the district to improve the security of the network in general. Names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security numbers were all part of the database that was potentially exposed to this malware.

Read the full case study PDF Novacroft Novacroft is a leading software development business, producing smartcards and smart technology for a range of clients in the transport, education, and charity sectors.

Cleardata Document management company Cleardata is now one of the leading scanning providers in the country, offering its varied client base a wide range of storage services and solutions.

Boulder Community Hospital Founded in as a community-owned and operated not-for-profit hospital, Boulder Community Hospital is dedicated to meeting the evolving healthcare needs of citizens and providing access to high quality medical care.

Information Security in Education/Case Studies

Rockware Rockware sells earth science and GIS software, provides training for its software, and offers other geological consulting services to the mining, oil and gas, and environmental industries. The information included names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

With security costs and risks continuing to rise, now is the time to re-examine and optimize data security through a different lens.

Botnet[ edit ] A school network administrator was contacted concerning spam e-mail and other attacks emanating from the district system. The company consistently needs to achieve and demonstrate the highest standards of security and reliability in its technology and processes.

This computer was breached with malware designed to steal sensitive data. As a result of this partnership, the products developed by Geotech for the program became the ground water industry standards, and today Geotech offers the most extensive line of equipment in the environmental field.

Download the Paper Advanced Data Protection Now Within Reach for Mid-Market Companies Robust security programs are more accessible, affordable and capable than ever before, helping confront a deluge of new regulations and cyber threats. Stolen Laptop[ edit ] A district business office laptop was stolen.

CORHIO is designated by the State of Colorado to facilitate HIE and collaborates with healthcare stakeholders including physicians, hospitals, clinics, mental health, public health, long-term care, laboratories, imaging centers, health plans and patients.

The focus on information security not only demonstrates that best practice controls are in place, but helps Exponential-e regularly identify and mitigate threats to information.

Case Studies

When the administrator looked into the problem, it was discovered several computers had been infected with a botnet. As endpoints multiply there is no airtight perimeter keeping sensitive information in and threats out, making it harder for organizations to safeguard critical data. Geological Survey USGS collects, monitors, analyzes, and provides scientific understanding about natural resource conditions, issues, and problems.

If a computer is reported as missing the system will be activated and the information can be used to recover the computer.

Certification has significantly reduced the time Information security case study takes to bid for contracts and has provided the market with confidence of its information security practices.

Kessler Investment Advisors, Inc. Its operations include three separate but highly integrated segments: Boulder is known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, natural product retailers and restaurants, outstanding alternative transportation options, diverse businesses, and technological and academic resources.

A student was called into the office by the assistant principal and accused of wrong-doing. There is currently no evidence that the sensitive information has been accessed or used inappropriately.

Hundreds of hours were spent investigating the extent of the compromised data and developing the plans and procedures to protect staff from further exposure to fraud ResMed ResMed is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative medical products for the treatment and management of respiratory disorders, with a focus on sleep-disordered breathing.

Trace Metals Analysis Program. Before RS implemented ISOtheir security controls addressed only certain aspects of IT or data security, specifically leaving non-IT information assets such as paperwork and proprietary knowledge less protected.

Once in they changed grades for students who paid them to accomplish this task.Security case studies: Selected in-depth explorations of how leading organizations have approached critical security challenges.

Information Security Case Studies

These case studies provide the chance to learn from your peers. Case Study in Information Security: Securing The Enterprise by Roger Benton - May 17, This practical is a case study of an Insurance Company's migration to an enterprise-wide security system.

It is the intent of this practical to provide a path to follow when creating or migrating to a security system. Case Studies []. When the average person thinks of network security within a school they often think of the student trying to hack into the system to change their grade, to see if they can take over their friend’s computer, or to put a prank up on the school website.

Curious what AppliedTrust is up to? Read some of the security, compliance and vulnerability assessment case studies we've performed recently.

Nov 01,  · Case Studies (Cyber) Subscribe Tool users, including information-security, risk, financial and other senior executives, can input a range of expenses and estimated costs for either a specific scenario or actual breach, and the app, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, would generate a comprehensive report explaining the total cost.

Information Security Case Studies; View Case Studies in Other Content Areas. Counterintelligence Information Security Insider Threat. An analyzed account of a real-world security activity, event, or threat.

Unauthorized Disclosure (UD) Case Study: Benjamin Bishop (UD) Case Study: Bryan Martin July1 page.

Information security case study
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