How to write initial reflection plan pdp

Think about your strengths and weaknesses The following questions are designed to help you to think about your academic progress as a postgraduate student.

Once again, knowing about, and being able to access, support is relevant at every level of study. What areas of study and academic performance do you want and need to improve on once again, consider feedback from others as well as your own experiences?

The Library provide a wealth of resources to help you to improve ad refine your ability to search for, manage and reference the full-range of information sources you will encounter on your course.

What particular challenges have you experienced, or do you anticipate experiencing, when studying at postgraduate level? The following links provide you with further information about the academic support services provided to you as a University of Leicester student.

The following documents are designed to help you focus on devising concrete plans for development and improvement. Plan to take action for improvement and development So, having reflected on your strengths and areas for improvement, and having investigated the various resources available to help you, the next step is to formulate some specific and measurable plans for development.

Often, these reflective activities will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your progress with peers, tutors and academic support services such as the Library and Learning Development.

How might you change or adapt the way you approach your studies in order to help you achieve these improvements e. Learning Developmentlikewise, provide a huge range of resources and services to support your academic progress — from managing your time, to developing your writing including critical writingto developing your presentation skills, to preparing for exams.

What evidence do you have of these strengths and abilities?

You should also check, with your department or personal tutor, if there are planning materials specific to your discipline or course. Based on your experiences to date, and drawing on positive feedback where appropriate, what do you consider to be your key academic strengths and abilities?

The following exercises are designed to introduce you to the process of reflection.PDP Development. Reflection and Personal Development Plan Personal development (PDP) can be defined as "enabling people to fulfil their potential, to expand their talents and to progress at work and through life with meaning and.

PDP: reflecting on your academic progress (PGT) Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged to reflect, in a variety of ways, on your academic progress. Often, these reflective activities will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your progress with peers, tutors and academic support services such as the Library and Learning.

Step 1: Preparing to Write the Plan—REFLECTION (Not required to be included in the PDP.) Approximately half way through my first year. It aids in the achievement of personal and professional development goals.

This is because success requires planning and goal setting. The goals set in the plan have to be clear and measurable. Review of the initial PDP. According to my initial PDP, communication and social skills acquisition was the main goal for the semester.

There are 6 main steps in writing and completing a PDP: Reflection. Writing the plan. Goal approval by PDP Team. Documentation of at least one review of the plan.

PDP: reflecting on your academic progress (PGT)

Documentation of the completed plan. Verification by PDP Team. The following components are included in a PDP: Description of school and teaching, administrative, or pupil services situation.

Example of a Personal Development Plan Mr A is a 25 year old graduate working for a well-known mobile telecommunications company.

He is 2 years into their graduate recruitment programme.

He joined the organisation while at university and transferred to his current department following graduation.

How to write initial reflection plan pdp
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