How to write an artist bio statement

First you need to get an overview of your work. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

It makes it feel like that work is happening now rather than already achieved. When writing, some best practices are: They want to know about your career accomplishments before they decide to invest in your art and promote you.

How to Write an Artist Bio or Statement

Your artist statement is not a comprehensive description of your work—instead think of the statement as leading into the work. It can save a piece of stale writing, suddenly make it more concise and shorten it to your maximum word count in a snap.

Who is your audience? An artist bio is often the first piece of information available to readers and collectors, and as such it offers you a chance to frame their practice and give collectors a reason to want to learn more.

Bios also drive search engine optimization SEO. Use a serif font e.

How to Write Your Artist’s Biography

A handy app as a first editing strategy to keep in active voice is Hemingway Editor. Hand knitting started it. And, over the years, that magical process has had its way with me, leading me from hobby to art.

The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. I have found the histories of surrealism and minimalism to be useful in the rearranging of received ideas.

Was it a juried or invitational exhibition? Add to your your exhibition press release. There are few documents more important than your artist statement. How to write an artist statement: How does this artist redefine a medium or media? Some artists feel they need to embellish language to legitimize their work, but this often achieves the opposite effect.

It means using the most specific language with economy. It allows your writing to be as brief as possible. Sitting in a quiet place, like your studio, write down anything that comes to mind about your work. Here are seven steps for writing a better artist statement, plus a checklist.

After running it through Hemingway Editor, there are a few other helpful strategies. The most important thing for artists to write is their artist statement.

How to write an artist bio: It can be hard to get out of your head. What message are you trying to pass on in your art? If you are reading Derrida as an essential reference to your new work, definitely say that.

Creating distance from the writing is a major key to editing. Another strategy is to either interview yourself, or better yet, have a friend interview you.Jonathan H. Dough - Artist Statement My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.

Sample Artist Statement

In my work, I deconstruct the American dream, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of our childhood and adult culture. How to Write a Good & Effective Artist Biography. An effective artist biography (bio) is necessary information to have as part of the artist’s presentation to any viewers and interested parties of their artwork.

developing artist statements and artist bios The best way to get started with an artist statement is to begin writing about your work in a minute brainstorming session.

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Do it quickly, and don’t worry particularly about grammar or word-smithing. An artist bio is a summarized, narrative version of your resume, but shorter and with.

Apr 11,  · How to Write an Artist Statement Four Methods: Thinking It Through Piecing It Together Applying the Finishing Touches Sample Artist Statement Community Q&A A clear and intelligent artist’s statement will make you stand out from the crowd and will show people that you are a thoughtful and deliberate artist%(97).

An artist's statement is a short piece written by you, the creative mind behind it all, to accompany a particular painting or group of paintings.

What We Learned from Writing 7,000 Artist Bios

An artist's statement shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant or dashed out in a hurry as it's a vital selling tool, promoting and explaining your work to. Artist Statement: An artist statement would basically be what inspires you as an artist, or an expression of your creativity and purpose as an artist.

It is usually written in what I would call “flowery prose”, meaning bigger and .

How to write an artist bio statement
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