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Just like his Merlin saga explores Merlin as a child before the original myth really starts, this books explores not how Atlantis was but how Atlantis came to be. An enchanting debut from a promising new author of paranormal YA. The characters are nicely written and grow t.

Barron, in that it is rich in detail and mythology, and is equal parts beautiful writing and exciting adventure. Whereas Book review on atlanta rising he told us how Merlin came to be the fabled wizard we all know of, now he is filling in the gaps about Atlantis and how it came to be.

Indeed, the trees and animals are part of her extended family. Over the course of the novel, Promi learns about sacrifice, family, home, and love. The scene built into an action sequence from which it was impossible to look away. Atlantis Rising begins a saga, a three part trilogy, that will recount the secret origins of the legendary island of Atlantis.

Atlantis Rising begins a saga, a three part trilogy, that will recount the secret origins of the Originally posted on my blog, ReadLove. There was a problem adding your email address. In the Great Forest, we stumble across a forest girl named Atlanta as she sings of magic and mystery.

Though they started out as perhaps less than admirable, I was pleased with the changes of heart that the characters went through while they journeyed together.

Michelangelo had his marble and T. Barron has written another epic tale… This book was a total page turner.

Their journey chronicles their growing bond … honest, happy ending. This was a great read and I can enthusiastically recommend this one to just about everyone that I know and will do so in the future.

Atlantis Rising is a rewarding tale of two endearing young heroes who provide hope and love to one another as they strive to protect their land and all its wonders. Barron explores a new mythology—the origin of the legendary isle of Atlantis.

The dewing originated in Atlantis many centuries ago and lived peacefully until a civil war forced them to sink their own island. Soon enough, our two young heroes cross paths and a new friendship is born. Now we get the fascinating story of what brought about the mythical island of Atlantis in Atlantis Rising.

I was frantically flipping through the pages, anxious to see what would happen next and frequently surprised by what did occur.


I tried and I failed. Less than two pages into the first chapter, the narrative hook grabbed hold, as the protagonist, throwing-knife in hand, eyes set on his target, takes aim. Readers of the paperback version will be happy to find that the prequel to Atlantis Rising, Never Again: There, animals and humans live in harmony.

To give you a taste of the history and mythos of this enchanted territory: They were that good.

Alison is enjoyably relatable as a self-deprecating but kindhearted heroine, and a romantic subplot dovetails nicely with the main action without overwhelming the story. But just as the idyllic setting begins to whisper its story, the peace of the forest is upset. In contrast to the authority figures who value nature for what they can take from it, Atlanta looks upon the forest, and every creature and plant living there, as precious blessings to be not only respected but cherished and protected.

Readers will be eager for the sequel! Atlanta serves as a beautiful foil to Promi, and teaches him a great deal. While in the city, those in power — the High Priestess Araggna, her Deputy High Priest Grukarr, and the Divine Monk — far from pure of heart, have taken the land in their greedy grasp, and like a ripe citrus fruit, aim to squeeze from it all they can.

Of course readers know Promi must survive and somehow Atlantis — that magical land under the sea — must be formed. The worst part of the series was that you got incredibly attached to all of the characters…but you knew what was going to happen in the last book Guess what?

Barron fans, as well as urban- and high-fantasy readers, may enjoy this original take on the Atlantis myth. Though young, Atlanta is a spiritual leader among her people.Atlantis Rising is the first book of T.A.

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Barron's Atlantis Saga. One of the top fantasy books and engaging books for young adults. — ALAN Review “Inventive and entertaining.” “When Promi and Atlanta meet, they team up to evade Grukarr and unravel his plans, entangling themselves in an ages-old battle.

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Atlanta Rising: The Invention of an International City 1946-1996

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Aug 17,  · In “Rising,” Elizabeth Rush surveys the new contours of an America already changed by rising waters. paddles down a flooded residential street in Atlanta in on Page 13 of the.


Atlantis Rising

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Book review on atlanta rising
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